Exhibitor Directory


Photomate – Stand 2-3F

AB Ninoab – Stand 24C

Asecos – Stand 10C

Aspen Aerogels – Stand 9C

Achieve pack performance goals while optimizing thermal runaway propagation protection through EOL with PyroThin thermal barriers. PyroThin has evolved from 20+ years of engineering Aspen’s Aerogel Technology Platform™, which has helped solve challenges such as passive fire protection in harsh industrial environments and mission-critical activities in outer space. PyroThin harnesses aerogel’s engineered nanoporosity to deliver class-leading thermal and mechanical performance in a lightweight format. PyroThin maintains thermal resistance even when compressed because aerogels do not rely on trapped air. This means thinner cell-to-cell barriers – empowering battery engineers to maximize energy density and decrease pack weight.

Avantor – Stand 17C

BINDER – Stand 20C

Biolin Scientific – Stand 18C

Circulor – Stand 4F

Amidst the many factors contributing to the climate crisis, the significant role of industrial supply chains can no longer be ignored.

Circulor provides the most complete and mature solution to this pressing global problem by enabling companies to gain visibility into their supply chains to demonstrate responsible sourcing, improve their ESG performance, reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and manage the supply chain risks.

We are a global business with growing teams based in EMEA, NA, and APAC, collaborating with clients worldwide to achieve their ESG ambitions.

Join us in our mission to make the world’s most complex supply chains more transparent to help prevent the exploitation of people and our planet.

Customcells – Stand 14C

Danecca – Stand 5F

Danecca’s purpose is to “Create a Sustainable Life” with the vision of a world where the environment isn’t sacrificed for energy security. We do this by removing barriers and inspiring change towards the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

If there is a requirement for any aspect of battery system development, testing, or production, we have the means, vision, and capability to deliver.

Enabled Future – Stand 19C

Hiden Analytical – Stand 1F

For more than 40 years, Hiden Analytical has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for research, development and production applications. In vacuum, gas, surface and plasma processes our quadrupole mass spectrometers have gained worldwide recognition for their precision and outstanding performance.
Our product range for Fuel Cell Studies includes:
Solutions for Dissolved Gas Analysis and Off-gas Analysis in Electrochemistry
Mass Spectrometer Gas Analysers with Real-time Gas/Vapour Analysis for Reaction Studies
Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometers
SIMS Surface Analysis for Characterisation of Active Surfaces
UHV TPD Workstation System for Studying Adsorption/Desorption Mechanisms

Inseto – Stand 15C

Inseto is a leading technical distributor of equipment and related materials to the semiconductor, microelectronic & advanced technology sectors, as well as adhesives for electronics, automotive & industrial manufacturing.
The company, ISO 9001 Certified since 2005, prides itself on forming long-term relationships with our principals and in obtaining mutual respect from our customers. Our advanced equipment and materials are available from technology divisions, which offer carefully selected, technically innovative, high performance products.
Customer support activities are at the centre of Inseto’s “Total Customer Service” philosophy, where we aim to understand, communicate and fulfil the needs of our customers.

Matronic – Stand 16C

Peccorp – Stand 25C

TR Fastenings – Stand 12C

TR Fastenings AB is part of Trifast plc and is an international specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of industrial fastenings and Category ‘C’ components principally to major global assembly industries

TR is actively working with a number of organisations involved in the design, manufacture and development of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery Pack Modules (EVB) and Electric Vehicle Charging Units for both commercial and residential use. As this sector continues to emerge and develop, TR has the capability to supply an extensive product range and the necessary technical knowledge, expertise and experience to support this industry sector.

ZARGES AB – Stand 11C